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ike turner
Born in United States
76 years
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Family Tree

This memorial website was created to remember and offer support to Ike's family and loved ones during this difficult time. 


 Ike Turner who was born in Clarksdale Mississippi on November 5, 1931 and passed away on December 12, 2007.


Ike will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Keep "Iken On"




Latest Condolences
Brian Dwayne Educate Yourselves B4 Posting ignorant comments! March 4, 2015
Wow some of the things I'm reading is mind blowing. So now everybody wants to play God and condem Ike to hell because of his past? What about his contributions to music? If any of you morons had common sense you will know to research the real Ike Turner instead of coming a blog page to leave ignorant comments.

Word of advice! TURN OFF THE TV AND STOP WATCHING WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT! LOL. That movie was told from Hollywood's perspective. Not saying most of it wasn't true but what you viewed was only a portion of the man's life which also left out a lot of good things about Ike during his time with Tina. I am one of TINA TURNER'S biggest fans Lord knows I am but I just can't sit here and read false garbage about a man 97% percent didn't even know! That movie didn't define who Ike was overall. If you guys took the time to educate yourselves you will find that this man's involvement to music have influenced so many people including ELVIS!!

A fan Ike recognized the faults in his life August 11, 2014
"Stay in school, stay off drugs, don't make the same mistakes I did, respect yourself, and others will follow." - Ike Turner
Norm Ike Turner Can Go Fuck Himself January 17, 2014
Fuck you, Ike Turner. I hope you rot and burn. You were a conniving, pig-headed, controlling wife beater and you deserve to be strung up and pissed on. Eterally grateful to God for freeing Tina of your grasp, you pathetic low-life. I spit on your grave.
Sam Simmons Shame on Lisa Bennett June 11, 2010
Once again here is another person who watched a movie and thinks they know Ike Turner personally. Who are you to judge? To bash someone using vulgar F bombs on a condolence website for his family? What kind of person are you? That was from someone who was leaving a message to his family and obviously knew him! Shame on your response! Bennett how would you like it if someone bashed your Dad, Grandfather, Brother on their memorial website? You probably read the Enquirer and believe it too~ RIP Ike the only person who can judge us is God.. Thanks for all the great music!  My deepest condolences to his family.
Dont Worry About It What I just Say February 25, 2010

you are a woman beater

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