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ike turner
Born in United States
76 years
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Brian Dwayne The Innovator of Rock-n-Roll March 4, 2015
I wish I had the opportunity to meet Ike Turner! Tina Turner is my all time favorite singer and I've admired her work as a solo artist as well as when she was with the Revue. Realistically, without Ike their will be no Tina! Ike Turner introduced to the world one of the greatest female entertainers of all time. Despite the image the media has painted him out to be, Ike's work ethics have always outweighted his flaws. For those who knew him personally or had the change to meet him then consider yourself blessed! Why? Because this man is the foundation of R&B Music. His contributions to music have touched the lives of some of the greatest entertainers of all time. Jimmy Hendrix, B.B King, Elvis, Little Richard, The Rolling Stones to name a few. Despite the difficulties and challenges we face throughout our lives we all have a purpose at the end of the day. Ike's purpose was to inspire, motivate and illustrate great music to music lovers. I can indeed say he fulfilled his destiny.

R.I.P Mr. Turner!
May your strings and keys forever play in the hearts.
savage savage asz nigga April 30, 2012
t.i.p ike
Doug Walden

To me it is a sad thing that a man who was so talented and creative should have that talent overshadowed by the likes of Tina and the acts of youth. 

I discovered his music in the early 70's.  I have always found his music to be original, amusing and insightful, "These Dreams" and "Rats" echo in my thoughts often.  I shall miss knowing that he is out there somewhere still playing and singing HIS songs. 

I give my condolences to his family, children and his granddaughter who wrote some very beautiful thoughts to her grandfather.  In truth though creative people live through their talent and Ike Turner is no exception.  I have no doubt that those who have had the pleasure of hearing some of his original songs will feel the same as I do. 

God Bless.

He says he "never watched the whole film, but the bits I've seen are all bullshit", but admits occasional physical abuse. In truth, while the film-makers showed a rape scene and several beatings, he was certainly no angel.
May you rot in hell you sick bastard. coke got you in the end. any man who beats his wife is a disgrace to mankind. i must say to the Ike family you make me sick especially to say ike had to be rehabilitated when Tina exposed his sorry ass you practically slagged Tina off and that she was the "failure" in his life no he was is own failure and you had most to blame, how on earth did you bring him up to be so sick and perverted?. i don't see no mention of having kids or any mention at all in his website bio's and no apologies/regrets in his interviews. R.I.H ROT IN HELL!!!!
Ricci Ballmer

Joe Jackson

you must be crazy....

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