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ike turner
Born in United States
76 years
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Family Tree
When my daughter was 5 we stayed with Ike.. my former husband is good friends with him.. this has touched her life as today.. 12/12  is her 15th birthday and her love for  music and singing, especially R & B is huge;  he was a strong memory in her life our hearts go out to the family that truly Ike is with the King of KINGS.
Dock Lewis

I wish I could have met him, But I did grow up on all his music. Ike may the angels carry you home. R.I.P forever, and to his kids and family my heart goes out to you all may GOD bless ur sorrow and taers..


Love Alwayz

Dock J. Lewis II

Robert Chavis Jr.
I meet Ike about 10 years ago. I had seen him in the North County Fair Mall all the time and I remmember hearing stories about him. When I finally got to meet him face to face I was blown away at how cool and nice he was. I had the please of talking to hima many times when I did his wifes hair at the time. He was brillant and VERY humble. And yes we all have our downs BUT he had more ups, then what people say. He taught me not to believe the media all the time. Blees you all.
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