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ike turner
Born in United States
76 years
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Charley Cook, MS

In the mid 60's I was a 16 year old white wanna -be DJ who hung out at my local station to run the board for the Sunday morning Black Gospel groups who had 30 mintue shows.  One of the singers ask me to go to WOKJ in Jackson and meet Ike & Tina, who I knew about from my black firends that hung out with us.  We went down to the station and this bus rolled in and a group of folks walked into the studios carrying guitars etc......Ike & Tine were last off and came in and put on a mini show of a couple of songs for the Radio Audience.  I was in total musical heaven...even got a hug and kiss from Tina.....Ike shook my hand and showed me a couple of riffs that I still play today....Ike was so willing to sit and talk to me that night, the only white kid around......Ike will be missed by any music lover with the salt in their body....MS Tina you remeber those good times, not necessarily the bad times.....Ike was the real deal and always will be!!!!


Mr. Turner May You Rest In Peace!!!!!!

Lorraine Krigger Robinson
I met Ike when my brother joined the Ike and Tina Turner Review. I was 17 then.
I worked at Bolic Sound at 18 for 2 years. Through the years I would talk with him but haven’t seen him for about 20 years. My brother recently toured with the Kings of Rhythm once again and I was so happy to hear of Ike’s Grammy win! I have never seen anyone play piano quite as awesome as he…I have some great memories and hold a fondness for an old friend. We’ll rock together in heaven one day my friend. God rest your soul.
Debra Ford

I met Ike by knowing his pianist Paul and he was and will always be the best guitar and piano player. I am glad that I got to know his personally. I Road on his tour bus with him and talked to him. He was very nice to me. We will miss him very much. I am very blessed to have seen him play live in concert in San Diego and in Las Vegas. Thanks Paul for intruding me to a legend. I want to send my prayers out to his Family and Friends.  I wish I would have gotten the chance to see him and Tina perform together. My daughter and son-n-law bought me tickets to see Tina live in concert in San diego on my birthday. Love you Ike.

Todd B
I met Ike in Beverly Hills in 1997,  it was an industry party. I owned a limo service and he told me how back in the 60's a limo service was very rare, not like it is today. He sat with me for about 10 min and we talked about his music and how much he loved his children. I also ran into him in LA @ a cellular phone store and I reminded him about our previous meeting and he did remember me and my limo company. He asked "do you have any Cadillacs" I replied NO the industry has gone to Lincoln. He loved cars also ! I was pleased to have met him . He was cool...Rest in Peace Ike...It was a tough road but to see his face after the grammy win was priceless ! Best to him, and his family at this time of sorrow....
Ed Salseda

Ike Turner...A Founding Father of Rockin,  Rhythm and Blues, for us that got to see you and your band in 50's and have your records .....

You were the Real Thing, that could even in your later  music got those old shoes movin and my head carried away with your music...

So you will still be with us in you music and thank you for the memories and the joy...

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