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ike turner
Born in United States
76 years
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To my loved grandfather may your soul rest in peace. There is only 1 judge & non of them are on this earth!! God Bless!! Amen!
How sad to leave those terrible messages where his family can read them. This message is right none of you even knew him. shame...
Michelle Novak
To all of these stupid people who are judging Ike by a movie, you never knew him..I am so glad I did, Love you and Miss you Ike
Melissa Eiler (Visitor)
Happy Birthday Ike. May God forever Bless you and yours.
Ike you were the best!!!! Gooooo Ike im only 22 and im your biggest fan!! P.S. i thought you were funny.
Whatever one wants o say about Ike and might be true, he was a brilliant musician and the father of rock n roll RIP Mr. Turner
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