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ike turner
Born in United States
76 years
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Tonya Prather August 6, 2009
Burn in hell, Ike! You were nothing but a WIFE beater!!!
Josh Ikes Bad June 25, 2009
I think Tina could have gone good with out Ike. I cant wish death because thats not good plus he is already died. but if he was still in Alive I honest would wish him a life time in jail for what he did to tina. A life Time in Jail for anyone that hits there wife or any woman
Michelle Novak Miss you Ike June 6, 2009

As more time passes I still feel such profound loss when I think of Ike Turner.

Musically, he inspired me more than any other. his legacy will live on and on.

Once again, I address those who left such terrible comments on a condolence guest book that was meant for family.

The ignorance in this world still suprises me. These are obviously people who don't realize movies, and yes, even books sometimes don't portray a person as what they are. How sad that there are those who still believe media hype and can't appreciate the long deserved Grammy Ike won before his death. I am so unbelievably proud to have counted Ike amongst my friends. He has touched mine and my family's hearts forever. He was a wonderful man, with wonderful talent, and kindness, and that laugh wow! I miss him so much. To the family..I am so sorry for your loss and know that those of us who love and appreciate music know what an incredible gift Ike was to the world, and those such as my self who were even luckier to have him as a friend know what an incredible human being he was a well...Much love and Blessings to you all..

Michelle Novak


craig phillips do not judge unless you be judged yourselfs May 21, 2009
i want to express my thoughts on the ike turner haters. first off let the man rest in peace, no one has the right to say a man needs to burn in hell for what he has he done and then curse his name. for all we know ike could of made his peace with god before he past.second of all all do respect to ike and tina, if it hadn't of been for ike turner there will be no tina today, nothing against her, but what happen between ike and tina years ago, we have no right to judge the sitution nor eithrt one of them, we all have our faults so to all the people cursing ike's name you need to check your selfs and clean your own back yard before going into others. my condolences to ike's family and to tina as well. thank you both for the music you two made together
Cynthia Alabama February 8, 2009
I hope he is in heaven. Rest in Peace.
Michelle Novak My friend Ike Turner January 7, 2009

It saddens me to see people writing such ugly things on a memorial website. I was fortunate enough to count Ike Turner amongst my friends. What an icredible man with an incredible talent. I am truly saddened by the loss of Ike not only in the music world but as my friend. I still, even a year later have not had the heart to delete his phone numbers from my cell phone.

His wonderful presence and incredible laughter still rings in my ears, those of you who knew him know what I am talking about. I am so incredibly lucky to have known this great man musically, as well as personally. He was one of the greatest music talents this world has seen. God has a new band leader up there that is for certain. My deepest sympathy remains for his beloved family. May God bless you all.

Michelle aka honorary Ikette :)

from Florida

lisa missing grandpa December 6, 2008
i lost my dad years ago. He was a great man and my children didn't really get to enjoy him. No matter what happened between Ike and Tina, we cannot judge. We were not there. Please remember he was a grandfather and the kids need to remember him as grandpa
Danny Freeman "Be white Black Alwhite" October 17, 2008
In the short time we rocked together in the 80s I must say it was an yime in  my life I will never forget. He came and stayed with me in Simi Valley California. Ike brought all his instruments and all his followers. I met Ike jr. and Michael and was impressed by their respect for theie father. I was born in the mid fifties and grew up listening to Ike & Tina. Ike was good to me and even though he had some rough edges I was able to set that aside. We jammed in my living room, He played piano like no other. I could not believe it!I thought he was a guitar player.... Anyway, I learned a few things from the guy and enjoyed his company. I often thought how sad it was that the "pipe" was able to rip him apart and maybe make him into the man that turned from his talent and good side. I forgive and pray for his soul. I loved the time We spent together, good and bad. I I I I swear man.,.,.I swear!!
  Rock On In Heaven I Hope To See You There Someday!!
    Danny from the Weekertin Daze band. (what will you do to rock)    
Fannelle Good wishes to the family October 13, 2008
To the Turner family, I am sure you're sadden by the loss of your family member Ike Turner. No matter what a person does in their time on earth, the family is always affected. Mr. Turner did not have the best reputation as a person, and I am sorry several people feel it is appropriate to air those views on a public website that the family will obviously see. I did not personally know Mr. Turner and do not have much knowledge about his total contribution to music. I am, however, appalled by the lack of sensitivity shown to your family. I express sympathy to your family. At this point, I am sure God and the natural order of payback has and will punish and reward Mr. Ike Turner for whatever sins he committed, and whatever good he did. I think everyone is free to feel whatever they do about Ike Turner. I just don't think they should potentially hurt the family while doing it.
Cologne Guy Thanks God! He is dead! September 17, 2008
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