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ike turner
Born in United States
76 years
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Vanessa New Fan February 7, 2008
I was not an Ike Turner fan, but since his tragic passing I have come to know him first as an individual, then as a musician.  He must have been great in both areas.  I send to his family my deepest condolences.
Ashley Ike Turner January 28, 2008
Ike you was and would always be a great musician. I do not like the fact that you hurt my favorite singer the one and only Tina Turner but if she can forgive you i can try. It is going to be hard but I would try. Tina is so cool.
Big Craig Faye musician January 18, 2008
In the end it's easy to smile when I think of Ike. Everything is nothing compared to what he left behind...the music. The music is everything...thanks Ike
Jonas H You are the MAN January 17, 2008
James Walker, West Chester, Oh Family friend January 17, 2008
As a former childhood friend of Mia, my Condolences go out to you and your family.  May the good Lord comfort you in this time of need.  May God Bless You!!
CC Rest in Peace January 13, 2008
 May you rest in Peace Mr Turner. \ May God bless your soul and keep your love one strong during this trying time!
Vee Allan January 10, 2008
Good luck in hell...
Willie Blackwell The Chainsaw Guitarman January 10, 2008
Ike was the most underated true innovators of Rock N Roll.  That movie about Tina was so fabicated it was hard to take and I hope people who saw that mostrosity don't get the wrong impression of Ike Turner.  The scene that got me was when they made Phil Spector seem like a saint.  I guess they didn't have a clew that he was a psycho/murderer.   Ike my man, you'll be missed.
margo della fargo farewell Ike January 9, 2008
1/09/08.....................Farewell Ike Turner.....your music will live on on the airwaves...you were always one of my favorite muscians before during and after.........the music scene is worse off without you......yours truly, margo della fargo, www.homegrownmusicnj.com       
Ilona from Germany Thank you! January 8, 2008

I had the honor to see Ike Turner last year at The Night Of the Proms in Germany - for the first and last time and I am so grateful I was able to do so! He did a great performance and I am very sorry for this loss! Hearing about his passing made me very sad and I`d like to tell his family and close friends that he´ll stay in your hearts forever! He´ll always be with you!                                                                                     Thank you, Ike Turner!RIP!

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