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ike turner
Born in United States
76 years
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Family Tree
Teri K Lew Wife-In-Law December 23, 2007

I had the extreme privledge to know and have Ike spend time in my home during some of his hardest times..He was a joy and a blessing and  so much FUN!!  He always reffered to me as Wife-in law....He also proclaimed himself as God Father to my little daughter..Tavia...He and Jeannet attended her 16th Birthday party and always kept in touch with his friend , my husband Harvey Lew....we were in attendance at Ike's funeral...It was AMAZING!!!May God continue to bless this entire family..and give you everthing you need during the coming days...God Bless....HIS......Teri and Harvey Lew

Sandy Greatness December 22, 2007
Gina IKE December 21, 2007
Alma @Jonessboro GA Soul Heaven December 20, 2007
Soul Heaven is ready to rock for sure...... imagine what a wonderful show there BE to welcome you.
Gail T God's Angel December 20, 2007
I would like to send out my condolence to the family.  You all are in my prayers. I know how it is to lose a loved one and someone that is real close to you. Just remember god knows what is best and when he calls you have to go. So look at Ike as being your angel looking down upon you watching and keeping u safe, until it is your time to be with him. Continue to pray and God will answer your prayers. I loved Ikes music. He was a talented man, who will never be forgtten. So to end this message I say to the family keep your head up and God in in your heart and continue to pray.   Gail T.
M;S; Kansas City,MO Ike;was a great performer December 20, 2007
To ike Turner,s Family;Sorry for your loss.
Tiffany Turner-Dukes To my Paw Paw... December 20, 2007

Grandpa, it's soooo hard to except the fact that your gone. I am so happy my family and I got to visit with you one last time, 1 week before our lord and savior called you home. I'm so thankful to have experienced such a TALENTED, FUN, LIVELY, WISE, and GENIUS grandfather. I will take the talent you blessed me with, every lesson you taught me, every loooooong talk you gave me, and all of your words of encouragenment & wisdom, and apply it for the rest of my life. I'm gonna miss the random moments we would go out for a day on the town. Going out for chinese food and us ordering shrimp fired rice with NO PEAS.  You taught  me that nothing is impossible, no matter who tries to knock you down. I'm gonna keep on pushin just like you told me to PAW PAW. I LOVE YOU and you are definately missed.

~Thank you lord for my grandfather and keeping him uplifted through the storms and blessing him with such a talent that touched and changed many lives. We may not always understand why are loved ones are called home when we least expect it, but it is these things that will bring us and keep us closer to you lord. I thank and  I praise you for your mercy, grace, and peace you gave him in his lifetime. Amen~



Brandon White Columbus, OH Fan December 20, 2007
Just wanted to send my respects to one of the finest musicians i have ever heard, and also one of the most disrespected musicians of all time. I never thought Ike has garnered the respect he truly deserved, and I hope that one day this can be done. Thanks Ike for the wonderful music you have composed that keeps me singing everyday, you were truly one of a kind.
PENN IKE TURNER December 20, 2007
IKE TURNER was a brilliant man.One has to be smart to be that good of a producer.
Patsy Jo REED Sircy R.N. nurse and fan in TN December 20, 2007

Thank you for being a part of the soundtrack of my life !

Sincere sincere sympathy and love, Tina and other family and friends, from all the parts of this ICON's life. The beat will go on forever from generation to generation . . . PJ - Pat

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